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When a man spider crawls up a narrow hallway naked, while holding himself suspended with hands and feet pressed to each wall he awaits his unsuspecting victim. When said victim arrives and is directly underhead he drops with the ultimate goal of landing his genitals directly on their face.
"The other day Patrick called me from the back room, and when I went to go see what he wanted he got me with an Alabama Skydive."
by Farleywasgod January 20, 2010
a sexual act in which a man and woman make love next to a hotplate or skillet and when the man cums he does it onto the hotplate or skillet at which time the female drapes a towel over her head and holds her face directly over the now steaming plate or skillet taking deep breaths
I was all set up to give Lara a steamed yak, and at the last minute i lost my towel.
by Farleywasgod October 07, 2009
2 girls 1 cup owes it's origins to a film sharing the same title in which two young girls of appropriate age engage in socialy questionable acts including: consumption of one another's feces, consumtion of the regurgitated aforementioned feces, and aside from the shit and puke eating some pretty hot lesbian action. This having been explained, its defined currently as a description of anything traumatic and disgusting enough to shock, often relating to but not exclusive to the consumtion of vomit or feces.
Reginald: I say I say good sir have you seen the cinema film "The Human Centipede"? Farnsworth: No my good man I've not seen this feature would you recomend I take my best girl and her father? Reginald: Well my gentle sir I'd say that shits 2 girls 1 cup!
by FarleyWasGod December 03, 2010

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