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1. A pirate's treasure that once belonged to a large beast of some sort. Usually these large beasts would would go by the name of Shug Night or Big Poppa. They would battle eachother using only rhyming words, but then resort to guns when a feeling of insupieriority would around within them. If one survived, they would collect the other's booty, to later become instict, and have their treasure become of high demand.

2. A woman's large ass. This ass is not proportionate to the rest of their body, much like the head of a midget. Some would also call this a "Bubble Butt". That term is now obsolete.
Pirate says: "arrrrr, look er dat der bubble butt, no, tis better den a bubble butt, tis a Monster Booty! Walk da plank Woman!"
"yo son, I wanna tap dat Monster Booty
It be lookin so sweet n goody
she so ghetto dat she wears a hoody
but she look so dang moody"
#monster #booty #woman #bubble #butt
by FancyHancy February 07, 2008
1. The use of an actual rake with at least 25 teeth made of thinly sliced metal, usually in the color of green, to masterbate. There are many different styles, such as: thrusting, wacking, scaffing, slicing, etc.

2. Using one's hand to ejaculate all over a bitch or any object that one pleases.
"dude, stop raking off in my bed all over that bitch"
"dude, now you have to go to Home Depot and get me another new rake"
"dude, raking off is just weird"
#rake #raking off #rake off #off #jerk off #wacking off
by FancyHancy February 07, 2008
Always pronounced with a sarcastic tone simply means that your life, in whole, through and through, sucks and is meaningless, determined by those you know and love around you. Usually said to make you aware that banging out that whore last night without a condom just confirmed you to be a loser.
"I can't beleive you banged out that whore! Mint Life"
"Mint Life Dude"
#mint #life #mint life #dude #loser #idiot
by FancyHancy February 07, 2008
a girl's buttocks that sags with wrinkles near the thigh area but yet is flatter than a homeless woman's chest on crack. This is usually obtained by a woman sitting in an office chair all day, every day.
"dang! I like that chick is hot but she got a momass! grooooooss!"
"yo look at that momass, I bet you could use that as a cutting board!"
"hey, your mom's ass looks like shes been sitting on the driveway for the past 10 years"
#mom #ass #mother #buttocks #butt #behind #flat
by FancyHancy February 07, 2008
1. The action of any man of any stature to hunt, search, identify, and use a slam pig at will. Upon identification of this usually obese and ugly creature, approach it and use the slam pig's lack of self esteem for a man's own sexual use. A slam pig's slef esteem must never rise in order for the species of man to survive, therefore, the man MUST treat the slam pig like that of an actual digusting pig and must dispose of immediately once sexually satisfied.
2. The act of a man getting out of a "slump".
3. Hunting for the slam pig.
4. The act of making your ex girlfriend extremely jealous.
"Dude, I'm so horny. Screw it, I'm goin hogging, I'll see you at the bar later."
"Yee Hawwwwwww"
"Um, wow, well, you know what? Work just called and I have to go to work so you need to leave and my car is broke down and have no money for your cab, sorry, I'll see ya around."
#slam pig #hogging #hog #fat chicks #fat girls #ugly girl
by FancyHancy February 27, 2008
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