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A sexual act that involves 2 males and 1 female menstrating. One guy has intercourse with the female and gets it bloody and sticky. Then he pulls out and jambs it in the other guys mouth.
Lets all go to the doughnut shop. No thanks I just had a Rasberry Jammer.
by Fancy Ladd Academy August 04, 2009
When you tea bag a person after you took a shit and whiped forward so your nuts have shit stains on them.
Harold was passed out in the recliner so I gave him the durty dumpling.
by Fancy Ladd Academy January 08, 2010
Similar to the london bridge. This is comprised of 4 homosexual men. Same configuration 2 men making out. While 2 other men do them doggy style and give high fives
Personally I perfer bottom left when performing the Golden Gate Bridge..
by Fancy Ladd Academy September 23, 2008

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