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4 definitions by FallenSkater

1. When somethings pretty sick;
2. When you like someone alot or think they're cool
1. Black Guy: "Yo, Spiderman go hard"

White Guy:"Hahaha wtf?"

2. Friend: "ahh, that chick go hard."
You: "haha, i hope she doesn't"
by FallenSkater November 28, 2009
an insulting picadilli. funny name to call someone.
Teacher: you got an F

Me: Gawd Damn it u Fuckadilli!
by FallenSkater April 30, 2009
A picadilli with a Dick
You: Hey Bitch

Me: Suck My Dickadilli
by FallenSkater April 30, 2009
Seriously in the mood for crappy food as in McDonalds or other Fast Food. Discovered spelling McDonalds wrong while texting on T9Word.
You: I am so Mamalamanous. McDonalds will Really hit the spot.

Me: Fuck you, I got no money.
by FallenSkater April 20, 2009