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Someone seems to become a violinist at the second he/she starts playing the violin. But it takes way more than that to be a worthy one. They can play such a wide range of style, sounds and techniques. And violonists can go accoustic-electric or electric. They can rock too~

They can express such vivid and passionate emotions, the violin isn't a mere tool, they use it as a voice for all the tenderness and melancholy of their soul. They reach and stab all hearts with their bow (used to rub the cords, but cupid implied too). You will love the gentle nostalgia, or will hate the loneliness and sorrow; but it will touch your soul so deep that you will have no other choice than to feel it.

Otherwise the violonist would make plain sound, or horrid noise.
"World acclaimed electric violinists Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee's new string act FUSE." Forget the dusty penguins with shit coloured instruments (no offence), Linzi is gorgeous with her custom gold electric instrument. (And without.) See her site linzistoppard.com/music to hear real violinists.

Wanna be:
"I'm gonna become famous with my new violin and make lots of money!"
*The poor violin screams under a lack precision and passion, the poor thing crying for the mercy a bonfire.*
Man that shit doesn't do what I want, it must be broken. The hell with it.
*Sells it for boose, to lower the awareness of some already brainless chick, to fuck her a big 5 minute of effort, while she'll do the star.*

Don't waste good despise on skilled people, do it on mediocrity. For a better world, or at least a trying one.
by FallenShad June 26, 2009
1. A symbol used for flags and others. The one made from one trait with 5 spikes being the typical one.
2. What cartoon characters see turning around their head after being hit on it.
3. A sun that isn't ours.
4. A celebrity (that we probably all wish ours, in our bed.)
5. A sexual position where the woman just lays there and do absolutely nothing, arms and legs wide open, like a useless star fish, and we wish wasn't in our bed (unless we have fetish for dolls or corpses).
1. USA's flag, satanist symbol (Do you see a link?)
2. Any old Disney, like bugs bunny.
3. Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C). The nearest star to Earth after our Sun.
4. Hard to chose a decent example, real women with real boobs are hard to come by in Hollywood.
5.Guy: "Goddamn woman, react, move! Do something!"
Chick: *long thinking* "What am I supposed to do?"
Guy: "Enjoy it, do what you wish spontaneously... *sigh* It's not the same if it doesn't come naturally. Ah fff.... never mind *leaves*"

(Instead, enjoy yourself! Explore, taste, claw, bite, suck, tighten your vagina for more pleasure, move your hips in circular motion... heck read a book! Like the Kama Sutra. Use your imagination and participate. Never happened to me, but if girls don't want to DO sex.... then DON'T have it! Learn what's fun by masturbating, then enjoy yourself sharing that with someone. Stupid useless whore, have some self respect. But I guess that's what stupid players get for convincing a girl, who's not into it nor them, to do it.)
by FallenShad June 26, 2009

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