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A good weapon to whack bastards and getting a revenge
Matt: Whoa dude, why did you just smacked him with a bat?

Harvey: That guy is a total douchebag, he spilled a soda in my head, and stole my bag and hid it in a dumpster. So I smashed him with my baseball bat to get a revenge.
by Fakebash November 24, 2010
A type of attack in internet, similar to flame.
That racist troll is bashing me all day, stop bashing me!
by Fakebash August 18, 2010
Another druggy musical show created by disney. Their music is a rip-off from the other ones, they don't have originality.
This is an example of slutty shows.
Mike: What's this show?
Ian: It's Cheetah Girls. It really sucks.
Mike: Well it seems obvious. Looks like disney fed another hungry sluts instead of creating a good cartoon.
by Fakebash October 29, 2010
A shitty show invented by the now newfaggotry infested corporation called nickelodeon.
Watching it turns you into a whore.
Even some of its songs encourages you to be a whore.
One of Victorious songs chorus:
"You don't have to be afraid
To put your dream in action
Your never gonna fade
You'll be the MAIN ATTRACTION"
by Fakebash October 24, 2010

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