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2 definitions by Fairword


Used to describe a person or activity as being Australian extremist (a la "Crocodile Dundee"), often to the point of causing regular members of Australian society concern.

An okka person will often appear exactly as an Australian should to people who have never been there and are therefore extremely difficult to spot for outsiders.

Key signs you are dealing with an okka person are:

- They are wearing a vest (or singlet in the venacular)

- They are impossible to understand

- They refer to a male person as a "Bruce" or, sometimes, "maaaaayyt" (note the subtle distinction between the sustained nasal vowel sound in the above compared to a regular, true-blue "mate") or they refer to a female person as "Sheila"

- They seem unable to drink any other beverage but a spirit and cola mixer

- They use more Australian slang than is written in that charming "Ozzie dictionary" one of your more dotty relatives bought you before you left

- You are in Darwin

Key signs an activity is okka are:

- It involves using a motor vehicle for a purpose not originally intended by its manufacturer

- Safety equipment would appear to be a prerequisite to a sane, casual observer

- The activity involves imbibing an alcoholic beverage quickly, making derogatory remarks to/about women or both of the above

- The activity originated from Darwin
Okka Man: "Awright Maaaaaaaayyt - where the f*** are my winnie blues? And where's my bundy and coke?"

Bartender: "They are by that attractive young lady further down the bar"

Okka Man: "'Ello, Sheila, nice tits! Wanna go for a drag 'n root in the XR8?"

Young Lady: "Aw f***, yeah! I'm on the rag so you'll have to do me up the sh***er, but!"

Bartender: "Thank God those okka w***ers are gone."
by Fairword May 22, 2009
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A state of mind similar in nature to boredom, however noredom differs significantly from boredom in cause.

Noredom can also be accurately described as defensive boredom.

A state of noredom can be quite difficult to obtain. One has to have a large number of activities to do (preferably that must be done) and a strong and persistent sentiment that one would rather cut off one's own limbs than do any of them. This will instill enough of a sense of ennui for noredom to take hold.
"So what did you do all morning? Where's that report I wanted?"

"I browsed the internet out of noredom instead. Meh."
by Fairword May 25, 2009
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