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Plevenscheving is when you rub your intimate parts on a office chair while you are chatting with someone.
This is usually to arouse oneself.
If this is done too often, you will lose your intimate parts to one of the closest wombats available.
Plevenscheven is a big hit in Holland and is still gaining ground over the rest of Europe and even Japan!
Damn, I was plevenscheving yesterday and it was hot!
Dude have you read about the new hype 'plevenscheven', I tried it right away!
Omg it's a wombat and he has come to take away my intimate parts after a good plevenscheving.
by Fagg0try1337 June 17, 2010
Pretty much the same as plevenscheven.
For more Information search: Plevenscheven.
The only difference is: This time you are plevenscheving with a wooden shoe.
This is a typically Dutch version of plevenscheving.
Wombats tend to like being klompenhomped.
If you plevenscheef a wombat he will scratch your intimate parts and it will hurt.
He was klompenhomping while camming online.
Omg He's totally klompenhomping that wombat.
Klompenhompen is totally awesome, I tried it yesterday.
by Fagg0try1337 June 15, 2010

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