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n. A member of the human race who is anatomically defined as male and cannot be further classified as either boys (due to their maturing apperience) or men (due to their forever immaturing method of thinking), and are therefore referred to as an "XY", the genetic markup of the pair of sex chromosomes that are normally used to identify the male gender in humans and most other mammals.

XYs by nature are kind and affectionate, but are a socially inept species, and are often caught saying and/or doing the wrong thing at the worst possible time, often oblivious to the inappropriateness of their actions (i.e., obviously admiring the appearance of a good-looking woman while their girlfriend is sitting beside them, and looking puzzled as the aformentioned girlfriend proceeds to knock their teeth out afterwards).

XYs are known to band together in pairs, and despite their lack of social skills, often form long-lasting friendships with one another. However, this triggers a slight to moderate tendency to behave in a fruity manner, frequently causing a majority of XYs to be mistaken as gay.
Fade: Girl, you won't BELIEVE what Ronja did today!

Raven: There's a good chance I probably will, but humor me. What'd he do?

Fade: ...Well, there we were, in his room alone, and things were starting to get...interesting.

Raven: Oh, jeez. It couldn't have gotten THAT interesting,
Fade. The kid has the attention span of a housefly.

Fade: No, no, really. Things were getting hot and heavy in there. We moved rather quickly.

Raven: ...Oh? So he actually had himself together today...? This is new.
Fade: Well, he DID. And then, right as things were hitting a climax--
Raven: Bad way to phrase it.

Fade: --he looked deep into my eyes and called me by his ex's name!

Raven: ...He did what?

Fade: Yep. And when I raised an eyebrow at the mistake, he said it again, without any clue as to what he was doing wrong.

Raven: He's a real genius, that guy.

Fade: And then he had the NERVE to ask me why I was throwing my clothes back on! I mean, he was obviously thinking about HER!

Raven: You seem quite shocked at his stupidity, Fade.

Fade: Aren't you?

Raven: He's an XY. I know not to expect anything better.
by FadeStrikemind May 17, 2008

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