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Pig-Latin (igpay atinlay) is the most simple and most effective form of verbal code in the pseudo-English language. One must simply remove the first letter of a word and place it at the end, and add '-ay'. The prefered method of communication of adlays ('lads' in normal-speak), as well as their female counterparts (asslays). It proves useful for putting off any undercover cops or non-adlays as to the original message.
Adlay1: Oi, adlay, where's the oongay?
Adlay2: I ankdrayed it all, untcay. We'll leg it to idcombelay and buy some more.
Adlay3: Anyone got some ingerpays?

Lad1: Excuse me, friend, do you know where the cask wine is?
Lad2: I drank it all, my friend. We shall make for Lidcombe and buy some more.
Lad3: Does anyone happen to have some ecstasy?
by Face_in_a_box May 13, 2007
A chat female. A combination of the words 'chat' and 'mobile', meaning 'one who carries chatness.'
Eewww, it's chatmobile!
by Face_in_a_box March 25, 2007
a terrible genre of music involving ear-splitting screaming, groaning, grunting and pretty much sound like the singer hasn't got a voice box. the drummers sound like their constantly having spasms and the guitarists try to make riffs, fail, and revert to noiseless chunder. people who enjoy this music like to think of themselves as muso's who 'know' what good music is and anyone who doesn't like death metal is like so not musically cool enough. they act like this to detract from the fact that they, in fact, have no life and no self-esteem and like hearing songs like 'I Cum Blood' because they, in fact, do.
Death Metal Fan: OMG, have you heard this new song by Evil Death Pain Suffering Blood Gore Ear-Splitting Scream? It's so amazingly good. Here, have a listen.

Innocent bystander: Ow, my soul!
by Face_in_a_box May 11, 2007
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