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used in black metal lyrics,
namely Satyricon's song - Fuel For Hatred, this word means demonic /from hell /unholy / evil.
"storm Troops Frantic Fury, DEMONIAC SPITFIRE!"

taken from Fuel For Hatred by Satyricon
the song is on the album Volcano
by FaLLeN RaVeN October 29, 2004
Tibia n00bs use words like Plx0rz,Plx, Pls and other annoying variations of please to make them sound "cool" to other players they also have a fasinating hate for the "swe"(swedish) and "BR" (brazilians).
mine plx or i will pwn j00 swe plx0rz

translation: Please let me kill that creature or i will kill you swedish man.
by FaLLeN RaVeN October 29, 2004
lengthened for of the abreviation PK meaning player killer, these people move around games such as tibia killing low levels or unskilled players, stealing there items and in general pissing people off
tibia player 1: tibia player 2 is a pk
tibia player 2: i r keel u plx (i will kill you plx)
FaLLeN RaVeN (tibia player 3): shut the F|_|ck up you n00b or i will kill you.
by FaLLeN RaVeN October 29, 2004
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