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Tibia n00bs use words like Plx0rz,Plx, Pls and other annoying variations of please to make them sound "cool" to other players they also have a fasinating hate for the "swe"(swedish) and "BR" (brazilians).
mine plx or i will pwn j00 swe plx0rz

translation: Please let me kill that creature or i will kill you swedish man.
by FaLLeN RaVeN October 29, 2004
plx0rz 4r3 5u54 1137 w0rd.
a n00b spelling of please.
Some ppl pay plz, and some stupid f0cker miss-spelled and said plx.
thasn it turned out to plx0rz.
hi, fre fitem plx0rz??
yesh, me giv juv free item plx0rz.
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