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1. Hard nipples usually found on the plump breasts of a young woman.

2. Food.
Dude: "That woman last night, you know? The one with the bing cherries? She was great man, you really missed out."

Guy: "Damn..."
by Fa-Rhino April 15, 2009

1.) Phrase one uses when someone pulls off an amazing stunt or feat that all said persons friends swore was impossible.
"So apparently John actually got her to have sex with him."
"Now way, she's head of the cheer leading squad and he's just a tech nerd!"
"Ya man, she admitted it too."
"Wow, I guess John really pulled a rabbit out of the hat this time huh?..."
by Fa-Rhino April 10, 2009

Insult one typically uses when too flustered to think of or actually pronounce the proper terms of douche fag or douche bag.

Refers to someone who has just pissed you off so monumentally that for lack of better lingual skills this word comes out as your insult.
*Man walks in and goes up to a priceless masterpiece you have been painting for several years and urinates on it. Before ripping him to pieces in blind maniacal rage, you scream out, "You,... you douche cag!!!"
by Fa-Rhino April 10, 2009
(ple-si-tude) ("si" is pronounced as the first part of the word sister)

This word combines both meanings of the word awesome, and the word manliness, to become an adjective usually suitable for those that have the nessescary required amount of man points.
Rambo has more than enough plescitude to make up for a room full of metro-sexuals.
by Fa-Rhino April 09, 2009

Usually refers to someone who is a fag, acts like a stuck up jerk, or someone you just want to rid the planet of, but is not evenly manly enough to earn a better insult.

Some one who steals a girlfriend may be referred to as a twat bunny.
Examples commonly found in high schools and colleges around the world. chzcrl
by Fa-Rhino April 10, 2009

1. An orgasm caused by something extremely sexy, and also relating to star wars, or any other nerd-like subject.

See Force Spluge
Woman: "You gave me such a great forcegasm last night when you pretended that the glow-in-the-dark condom was a light saber."

Man: "Oh, so you did like that little show, I thought so..."
by Fa-Rhino April 15, 2009

1. An occurrence of an orgasm/nerdgasm caused by or related to anything about star wars

Dude: "Oh man, I had this wicked force spluge the other day when I saw two naked chicks fighting with light sabers."

Dude2: "Awesome... "

Dude: "Oh ya... "
by Fa-Rhino April 13, 2009

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