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What my tool of a coworker calls a laptop.
"There are no latpop lights"
by fsb November 06, 2011
Anyone who's age was 15 at any time between 1990 -1999. The idea being that the person was, at some time, old enough to take part in the cultural experiences presented by this decade.
At 5 years old in 1995, this person is highly unlikely to have experienced much, if any, of the impact within the decade. Although technically born in the 90's, any personal expression is more than likely not attributed to the culture, and by the end of the decade (1999) would still be merely 10.

With 1995 - 1996 being a median time frame of the decade, a +/- 5 rule to the age of 10 can be attributed to the person.. Any older or younger, and the person falls outside the scope of influence of the decade.

It is the term "kid" that creates confusion. Some people seem to be using it interchangeably with "adolescent". While adolescent is more closely related (in terms) to adulthood, the term "kid" can properly be used to represent anyone under the age of 18 years of age. The use of the word "kid" is by consequence however, as "90s adolescent" just doesn't have the same appeal.

By that conclusion, technically a child born on Dec. 31, 1999 is a "90s Kid", as would the person be born Jan. 2, 1972, each person having lived at least 1 day under the age of 18 within 1990- 1999.

A "90s Kid" was aware and old enough to take part in the culture and influence around them.
by FSB July 18, 2013

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