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1. A person who commits illegal pussy penetration while victim is sleeping.

2. Any plunderer, predator, etc.: confidence men or slumlord who takes advantage of the pussy while drunk or physically incapacitated.

I feel guilty; that girl I took home being so drunk, fell asleep and I had no choice but to puss pirate her.

by FOJB February 23, 2008
1. A man whos balls meet his anus

2. A man who can stuff his balls into his anus.

That guy is totally taintless

by FOJB February 23, 2008
1. the detailed mapping or charting of the features of a mans penis.

2. the detailed description, esp. by means of surveying, of particular localities, as balls, cocks, or taint.

3. the relief features or surface configuration of the ball area.

4. the features, relations, or configuration of a structural entity in the groin region
5. a schema of a groin entity, a field of study or reflecting a division into distinct areas having a specific relation or a specific position relative to one another.
I was driving my motorcyle so fast my cockography was in jeopardy.

His jeans were so tight his cockography was showing.

She was notorious for rearranging, in delicate manner, a mans cockography

Her tongue wondered in excitement along his detailed cockography but she could not find his taint no matter much she tried.
by FOJB February 23, 2008

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