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An unknown online cs 1.6 player that is said to have been never defeated in a fight...or as the rumors say.

- I really dont think this is true because ive played cs 1.6 for a long time and have never encountered ny1 by this name, but for some reason i keep hearing from all these people about this player (i sereously feel like pwning this guy... im so fukin pissed that hes so well known).

- So Killerdaddy, if ur lisnin 2 this when we meet, im ready 2 pwn u ,cuz im a well known fighter as well.
Heres an example of someone talking 2 me about the so called unbeatable Killer Daddy

Saboteur: hey flamoe
Flamoe: wah
Saboteur: u heard of killerdaddy?
Flamoe: no
Saboteur: u shud fight him, that guys fukin sick
Flamoe: pfft...yeah right
by FLAMOE January 13, 2008

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