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The most AMAZING girl you could ever meet. She is the BEST BESTFRIEND you could possibly want. Any guy will be lucky to have her; although she doesn't know she can have ANY guy she wants. Every guy who turns their back on her will guarantee, the next day will regret losing her. VERY attractive, turns guys on. Cristina, is the type of girl that loves to be wild & free. Cristina doesn't deserve to be treated as "2nd priority". She is very chilled to hang with has an enormous great sense of humour.

Cristina is the most prettiest/amazing/trustworthy/ person you could ever come across .
one night after knowing crissy for about 1 and half, a boy popped up and told her how sick and tired he was and couldnt handle it anymore. they stop for awhile until 2 weeks later the same boy popped up and said "Hey beautiful girl. I'm really sorry about Monday and I know I acted like a total deusch :/I didn't mean what i said. U really are special. And it's not till we had an argument that I realised just how much u mean to me. I'm not expecting you to forgive me but I'm hoping you might find it in your heart to forgive me :/ "

This just proves that all guys should think about what they say before they lose one of the most amazing girl anyone could ever know .

Cristina .
by FILOREPRESENT April 28, 2012

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