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Finger; n. -Those things coming out of the end of your arms. Originally named 'Arm-toes.' Designed to hold a beer bottle nicely. Useful weapon for throwing at predators.
'They call them fingers, but I've never seen them fing.'
by F. Johnston August 08, 2007
Vagaga; n. -Another word for vagina. 'Vagaga' is used when censorship of the word 'vagina' could be a problem. (Or, if you turn pink saying the word Vagina, but have no problems saying Vagaga.)

**Pronounciation: -ve, as in 'very'. Followed by two 'jaw's:
ve.jaw.jaw **
'I'm sorry Ms. Lambert, but your vagaga is inside-out.' 'Really?'
by F. Johnston August 08, 2007
Ass rod; n. -A curse that happens if you work in Wendy's for too long. In theory, the ass-rod starts off rubbery, growing slowly in your intestine, feeding off of discount Wendy's grease/food. As time goes on, the rod becomes longer, straighter, more rigid, until it starts poking out your asshole. Men are more likely to develop Ass Rod than Women. Ass Rod can take years to grow from pupa to rod.

Anyone suffering from Ass Rod is in a lot of pain, and will therefore be a real fucking twat towards you.

** From what I hear, it's very uncomfortable. **
'Is it true Domenic has a severe case of Ass Rod?' 'No, he's just a bitch.'
by F. Johnston August 09, 2007
Shiza; v. -the act of emptying one's bowels onto somebody's chest during sex.

Shiza video; adj. -the act of emptying one's bowels onto somebody's chest during sex, taped.

As seen in the 'South Park Movie'. This is possibly the reason why dunderheads mistake 'Shiza' for meaning 'Shit' in German, even though it doesn't.

**Shiza is a made-up word that has become popular by use.**
'Cartman, your mom is in a German Shiza video!'
by F. Johnston August 08, 2007
ROTFLOL; n. -The name of the imaginary candle-shaped animal George Bush jr. sees when he has taken just a smidge too much heroin. George and ROTFLOL go on many adventures together.
'ROTFLOL! I thought you were gone forever!' 'I will never leave you, George! As long as heroin pumps through your veins, I'll be here.' 'ROTFLOL!'
by F. Johnston August 09, 2007
Will; n. -the nickname Kurt Cobain gave to his genitals.

** See song 'Lithium' for more details. **
** See Peter Griffin and 'Danny Aiello' for more example. **
'I'm so excited. I can't wait to meet you there.
And I don't care. I'm so horny. But that's ok. My Will is good.' ('Yea' a bunch of times.)
by F. Johnston August 08, 2007

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