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Definatly the gayest branch of the military, not gay as in happy but just outright homosexual. The NAVY has been around a long time and have pretty much been a bunch of little wiener lickers since day one. Sure the Marine Corps is a part of the NAVY but ask any Marine what they think. Joining the NAVY isn't serving your country, it's being able to be a nasty un-disciplined little piece of S**t, and rat on every other person to make them selves look better.
SAILOR 1:Hey Jim, wanna lick my balls?

SAILOR 2:Sure I'm in the NAVY, I love ball licking.

CIVILIAN: Man where can i go to get college money and still be accepted for being a total homo?

NAVY RECRUITER: IN THE NAVY! Join now and we will provide 35k for college and a gallon of vaseline. What else could you ask for.
by F-MAFIA August 20, 2006

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