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7 definitions by F A B Scott

Exclamation by a Jock Scotsman while he head butts someone.
Jock shouted "stitch that Jimmy!" as he nutted him.
by F A B Scott June 30, 2007
6 1
Another way to say go away, fcuk off, get lost.
I wish you would mong off and leave me alone.
by F A B Scott May 12, 2006
11 7
Same as monghead but with a hyphen.
He got all his questions wrong in the quiz; what a mong-head.
by F A B Scott April 23, 2006
8 6
A cool way to say indubitably. In no doubt.

It was indubadubly apparent there was no way out.
by F A B Scott April 30, 2006
7 6
Same as mong'ead.

numpty, etc.
Two plus two is not six, you mong-ed.
by F A B Scott June 24, 2006
4 4
Shortening of the word microwaveable.

Able to be cooked in a microwave oven.
I bought this ready meal but it doesn't say if it's micravable on the packaging.
by F A B Scott May 03, 2006
1 1
1.hoff, noun
To have a hoff is the same {but more polite} as saying to have a shit/crap.

2.hoff, verb
to defecate.

3.Also used with "off" as advice to go away.{more polite than fuck off}
1.I'm going for a hoff.

2.The dog has hoffed all over the lawn.

3.You get on my nerves, I wish you would hoff off.
by F A B Scott March 24, 2006
3 21