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The act of pointing and laughing at an unaware victim while holding a cigarette half-cocked in you mouth and being photographed. Much like lynndie England.
When we were in Louisanna, I found a drunk guy, we got a camera and Did a Lynndie.
by Eyemarten September 28, 2004
A descriptive noun referring to a person who regularly takes credit for other people's innovation, ideas, or work. Used as a verb, Kadingus is generally shortened to Kading.
That freaking kadingus keeps taking my ideas!


You always kading everything I do.
by Eyemarten December 28, 2004
The act of expelling coffee, when provoked by laughter, out of one's nose or mouth. Much like a snarf, but specifically limited to coffee.
When The Bee and I were out for coffee, I told him a joke and he Peloed all over the table.
by Eyemarten September 29, 2004
The act of one-up-manship when storytelling. Doing the story one better by stretching the truth.
That was lame, I can jambo that story.

Why do you always have to jambo every story I tell?
by Eyemarten September 29, 2004

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