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Specified derivative of FUPA or FOOPA. Usually applies, but not limited, to pasty, peely females named Allison. Denotes not only a very gelatinous or untoned body structure but also a serious fat problem above the vaginal area. This also denotes a female with a constant over-sweating problem. Used always in the 3rd person, usually taking place of the suject or insultee's name. A high insult to anyone.

Also, the name of a hilariously classic $tankmoney Inc. short film.
*Yo, AKFoopa is now trying to gnaw on Cousin Tony's lightbulb tip!

*AKFoopa got slamhammered by my dick all night long. The only problem was getting a grip on all of that mushy fucking watery paste skin. It really creeped me the fart out, Brotha...

*Did you notice how fucking badly AKFoopa kept sweating when she was standing there...I'm really sickened and I think I'm going to puke my lungs out.

*If AKFoopa says one more cocky fucking thing to me, I'm going to saw her dumb cunt head off and hang it from my rearview mirror.

*That chick is almost as busted as AKFoopa.

*Oh man, $tankmoney really killed with that AKFoopa movie. I actually pissed my pants when I saw the ending!
by Extremist1285 October 02, 2006

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