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the act of shaving with razor; not an electric shave
"Hey man, do you use Norelco?" "No way, I shave acoustic!"
by ExtraFine August 12, 2004
n. a self-administered facial, usually resulting from over-excited masturbation
"The porn flick was so good, and I was so pumped, I shot so hard I got an autofacial."
by ExtraFine August 09, 2004
n. a teenage boy who, lacking a willing girl, fucks his pillow
Girl: "Ew, you like HIM? But he's a pillowbuster!"
by ExtraFine August 09, 2004
n. the hair in the crack of an ass; butthair
"Excuse me, do you have a spare toothbrush? I just gave this guy a rim job and I got some cracklashes stuck in my teeth!"
by ExtraFine August 09, 2004
n. a lightning bug; a firefly
When I was a kid I used to catch beacon beetles and put them in a jar."
by ExtraFine August 09, 2004
n. sex with a man, where the "capital D" refers to dick
"Shit, man, aren't there any gay bars in this town? I gotta take care of some Business with a capital D.
by ExtraFine August 09, 2004
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