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A sexual act for 2 homosexual men.
Pre-Requisite: One of the men must have a long scrotum. This will be Guy #1.

Guy #1 squats above Guy #2 facing his feet, both men completely naked. Guy #2 wraps Guy #1's scrotal sack around Guy #2's erect penis, holding it in place with a free hand. Guy #1 defecates on Guy #2's stomach, as Guy #2 simultaneously urinates upward and into the mouth of Guy #1, who begins to "catch" and drink Guy #2's urine stream. During this process, Guy #2 may also place his hand on/within the fecal matter accumulating on his stomach.
GUY #1: "Initiating File Transfer."
GUY#2: "Uhhnnngghh..."
by ExpertTexpert January 24, 2011

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