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1-To flatter or otherwise act more positive than normal , usually to a person in a position of power (IE teacher, boss, head gangster, slave master, etc) in the hopes of attaining personal gain in the form of a better opinion from the kissupee. Often spelled 'Kiss Up'

2-A person who kisses up (see definition 1)

3-To date someone in a much higher social class than you. Often spelled 'kiss up'

4-A person who dates someone in a much higher social class than them.
1-Did you see how James brought Mrs. Blow chocolate? He was totally kissing up to her.

2-James is such a kissup. He gave our teacher Mrs. Blow oral just so he could get an A.

3-Did you see Moriah kiss up? He and that slutty cheerleader Emily were making googly eyes at each other all through that test!

4-Moriah got lucky, the damn kissup. He was sucking Emily's tits behind the gym.
by Exoskeleton October 23, 2009
1Rotating 90 degrees counterclockwise from your point of origin
2The act of: After getting to first base (Kissing), moving closer to second base
3Definition 1, in a car, requiring the passing through of many additional lanes of traffic-90% of professional racing, the source of 18% of all profanity.
1 I was about to walk into Canada, so I made and left turn went east, towards Oregon, as fast as I could, Eh?

2 Dude, I was making out with this girl at a party, but when I tried to make a left turn, she bitch-slapped me!

3 I was driving to McDonalds, and I made a left turn. I was fucking hit THREE times before I could get my Big Mac!
by Exoskeleton October 22, 2009
1-A running workout involving running multiple short sprints. It develops quick twitch muscles, and improves sprinting speed. Really damn painful. Commonly run to improve times in distances from 50 to 400 meters. Long and middle distance runners also participate in speed intervals, although the effects are less noticeable.

2-The length of time between fixes of a methamphetamine user.
1-We did like 400 speed intervals for track. I can't fucking stand up my hamstrings are so busted.

2-Will has such a short speed interval. He's always high. Let's go to KFC
by Exoskeleton October 23, 2009
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