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The craziest, tightest, most mindblowing band ever, consisting of the hottest, youngest musical geniuses this generation has yet produced.

Members are Thomas Erak, Tim Ward, and Andrew Forsman; they recently signed to Equalvision Records and will probably take over the world.
Thank you Rockilteo, Moshington, for being the home of "The Kamiak High School All Star Band."
by exclamation May 23, 2005
In order to emphasize a phrase or a word

Stated at the end of the phrase/word
Marissa is so beautiful; CAPS LOCK BOLD PRINT

Basketball is a complex game; CAPS LOCK BOLD PRINT

Smarty gets super geeked out he has harlem nights; CAPS LOCK BOLD PRINT
by Exclamation April 11, 2013

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