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Graffiti artist from New Haven, CT. Known most for his standards: not hitting holy places and not hitting anything unless abandoned. Most notorious for his beefs with "crayon" and "Soke". A Gas Mask Kid, Co-founder. Raze's partner in crime. (although graffiti is not a crime)
by Evilution February 11, 2008
Graffiti Crew local to New Haven, CT. Works can be seen throughout New Haven County. Known Members include: Raze & Spell. Can be identified by the GMK symbol. Known, locally, for their beef with the OWN crew. Brought into the Graffiti scene by local artist, "Abusiv".
by Evilution February 11, 2008
Notorious graffiti artist from New Haven, CT. Seen as a scourge of local society, for his relentless acts of ART!! (not vandalism). Part of the Gas Mask Kids. often, next to his work a "203" will be written, indicating the area code of his neighborhood.
by Evilution February 11, 2008

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