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Similar to the sudden werewolf, but can be done on any night. During doggystyle, right before climax, bite your partner on the neck. When he/she whips around and asks, "WTF?!", shoot your man-milk right in their eyes (it'll sting like garlic). When they search blindly for a weapon, turn into a bat and get the hell out of there, Bela. Be home before sunrise.
Kristina had been giving me a hard time lately, so I decided a sneaky vampire was in order. Bitch tried to put a stake thru my heart.
by Evil Jedi July 20, 2006
a clueless, bothersome imp of a person
Chris has done so much meth, he's turned into a complete ass muppet. I wish he'd stop.
by Evil Jedi July 20, 2006
placing of one's scrotum on the forehead of another and farting

Dan passed out drunk and his roomie Tim gave him a loud steaming teabag. I laughed and had to do it too!
by Evil Jedi December 22, 2006
worse than worst; epitome of bad; ridiculously horrible
Shooping for curatins and pillow shams with the wife is NASCAR (adj)
by Evil Jedi July 19, 2006

To have a television show you enjoy suddenly and/or unexpectedly cancelled. Derived from my wife's interest in the show "Reunion"
They moved "Kidnapped" on me to Saturdays? I better not get reunioned with this show!
by Evil Jedi October 23, 2006
when women become obsessed with their gigantic, Herculean dildos.
"So, Tiffany, how's that dildo working out for you? That's one intimidating monster, I'll tell you." "Why do you think I haven't been at work all week, silly? I told the boss I had the flu, but I've really been doing it to Brent. That, and watching Oprah."
by Evil Jedi October 05, 2006
skin between a males' reproductive organ and sphincter
Dude, eat my nit! It tastes like sweaty poop!
by Evil Jedi July 19, 2006

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