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Another term for deathrocker, someone that enjoys deathrock (which has absolutely NOTHING to do with metal).
Usually, the goth punk can be identified by a very zombiefied appearance; mixing punk and goth with a heavy DiY (do-it-yourself) ethic. Their attire usually consists of layers of torn black, white, and green fishnets, heavy combat boots, ripped t-shirts, leather pants or bleached jeans, and a leather jacket/vest full of band patches, studs, designs, plastic bones, etc. Many of them have huge, teased hair, and a very popular style for both men and women is the death-hawk, a wider, teased version of the mohawk.

Goth punks (or deathrockers) can be thought of as the missing link between goth and punk. They're not any more rambunctious or outspoken than regular goths or punks; they just have different tastes.
Hey, look at that goth punk! He looks just like Johnny Slut!
by Evil Ed 667 March 03, 2007
A derogatory term used for describing someone new to the goth lifestyle; usually confused about what it is. The term can be interchanged with poseur. A baby bat is typically someone, from the age of 13-19, attempting to become part of goth culture. Led by the misconceptions of mainstream media and the public in general, a baby bat will assume goth is something it isn't. Only a few baby bats will come to pierce the superficiality and evolve into true gothdom.
Man, look all the baby bats at this MCR concert!

Quiet! I'm sure they'll cut themselves if we tell them they're not goth!
by Evil Ed 667 February 26, 2007
1. a brand of music that takes hardcore punk and waters it down into an annoying, trendy, plastic, manufactured piece of bubblegum pop. Trendcore often mixes in its mindless brand of punk with metalcore; commonly including occasional grunts and screams in an effort to sound "alternative" or "brutal" or something.

If pop punk is watered-down punk, trendcore is watered-down POP PUNK; twice the pain. Often interchangeable with "emo", this brand of pop is just about the worst thing that's ever happened to music.

Notable bands include:

the Academy Is...
Comeback Kid
Fallout Boy
Panic! at the Disco
Rise Against
I'm sorry, but I HAVE TO turn off Conformo-alternative radio. They've been playing nothing but trendcore for the past three hours.
by Evil Ed 667 February 26, 2007
1.An uninspired, dull, or derivative artwork; one that does shame to the very concept of art. Music can often be an artfuck, something that tries all too hard to be "dark" or "brtual" and ends up just insulting the genre it's imitating.
See: pop goth, trendcore, pop punk, nu metal

2.Title of a Virgin Prunes album, "Artfuck: a Compilation of Rarities"
30 Seconds to Mars' latest album is SUCH an artfuck! It comes off like a dark, surreal concept album written by a bunch of drunken frat boys!
by Evil Ed 667 March 03, 2007
an American "hard rock" magazine that covers everything from metal legends like Pantera and Sabbath, to flavor-of-the-week pop punk like My Chemical Romance. They could leave behind the crap, but they'd loose a lot of money that way. Much like Rolling Stone magazine, Revolver seems more concerned with selling copies of their rag than spreading good music or supporting the scene.
Ugh! Can you believe Revolver magazine had the nerve to call Slipknot "death metal"? They make me sick.

by Evil Ed 667 March 05, 2007
The act of using words in with the intention to harm, demoralize, or otherwise humilate emos, members of the emo subculture, or people that are perceived as emos.

Emo-bashing can be seen as the new trend in racism, following the "bashing" of women, black people, gays, and now emos. It can be called a trend in racism because it has become popular, even acceptable to practice this racist behavior. Emo-bashing is very widespread in the post-modern era. Even goths have joined in the circle of hate.

As with any form of bullying, emo-bashing is an effort to compensate for one's own insecurities by lashing out at others'. Most people that practice emo-bashing are male teenagers or young adults.
typical emo bashing:
typical male: Hey, emo faggot! Why don't you go home and cut yourself?
by Evil Ed 667 March 14, 2007
1. a brand of music that takes the roots of gothic rock and waters it down into plastic, manufactured, mainstream, radio-friendly swill. Much like pop punk, but with goth music instead.

2. bands that the mainstream often perceives as goth, but, in actuality, are as far as any band can get from being so.

Notable bands within this genre include:

the 69 Eyes
Cradle of Filth
Marilyn Manson
My Chemical Romance
Panic! at the Disco
I'm so sick of these magazines referring to MCR as "goth". Why don't they call it what it really is --"pop goth"?

I told my little brother to turn down the HIM. I'm not in the mood for pop goth.
by Evil Ed 667 February 26, 2007

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