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The art of aiming to purposefully damage 'emo kids', mainly by hitting or 'bashing' them.

A very appropriate activity.
A - "Wanna go emo bashing?"
B - "Yeah! Its gotta be done!"
by Jase on the Bass June 25, 2006
A fun thing to do; a victemless action; an emo hobby
"Hey man wanna go emo bashing," person 1
"I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings," person 2
"Don't worry they already hate themselves," person 1
"Well in that case alright," person 2
by Chim1 June 22, 2007
1.To speak the truth about emo with complete comprehension about emo's absolute worthlessness, unoriginality, and shallow nature. Ironically, emo bashing feeds into the emo self-pity spiral. While emo clones complain about being bashed upon, it fuels their all-important (false) sense of despair.

2. When an emo clone hits its head against the wall in the midst of a tantrum.
1. I am not emo bashing, I am just speaking the truth about stupidness of the emo trend.

2. Q: Why is that kid with the backward, crooked mullet hitting his head against the wall?
A: He is emo bashing himself because its part of his image.
by Marcus Solomon November 09, 2007
1. A Fun and Relaxing way to spend time.
2. Something that really needs to be done.
Emo Bashing-
Emo: I hate life...
Normal guy: well, look at you
Emo: What do you mean?
NG: Well, your music sucks, your parents hate you, I'm banging your girl, and not to mention, the fact that your 'originality' is a total cop-out. basically, you and your whole being is shit.
Emo: *crying* you right, I should kill myself
NG: Naaaa...(hands Emo razor)
by H4rv5tr February 24, 2009
a way to fulfill what an emo really wants without having that emo do it to themselves
person 1 "i went emo bashing the other day."
person 2 "oh really?"
person 1 "yeah, the emo was gonna cut himself so i had to do it for him"
by thewhitetree December 16, 2008
Bullying. Plain and simple. However, people think it's acceptable for some reason.
Um, bullying emo kids. Verbal or physical. Doesn't matter. Emo-bashing is just wrong, as is any other form of bullying.
by dcXDrp973 April 09, 2011
A game played by poeple who hate emos more than emos hate themselves, particulerly highs school wrestlers, or hillbillys, but the greatest bashers of all time have been both. the goal of the game is to injure as many of the fags as possible, before the police arive. the game requeres not only bashing ability, but also the ability to chase them down, as they are pussys and never stand and fight. Not only is it a game but it also a form of community service,praised by all, especialy the elderly of the great generation. The act of emo bashing is only looked down upon by politically correct liberals.
Doug: what do you want to do tonight?
Joe: lets get shit-faced and go emo bashing!
World war two vet: i wish there was more kids like you emo bashers to beat some sence into those litte queers.
how can we help all those little cross dressing emo fags? we can bash the shit out of them untill they grow the fuck up.
by Commie Killer November 10, 2008
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