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The combination of democracy and capitalism frequently utilized in a very large North American country (and many others) that subverts the best aspects of both systems by allowing people with large quantities of money to buy legislation through the use of organizations like PACs and SuperPACs. Thus you get all of the market competition of communism coupled with the representatives who speak the interest and will of the public like fascism.
The current SOPA/PIPA debacle in the US Congress is pure democrapitalism. It's a prime example of a lobbyist group writing legislation and submitting it via their pet legislator.
by Evil Architect January 22, 2012
The sticky mess that erupts when you use your newly coined word or phrase too much before it becomes popular.
Jeff was trying to get everyone to use pusstastic to describe their girlfriends' degree of awesome, but really he was just getting smeared with neolijism.
by Evil Architect June 06, 2011
The feeling of sublime elation you experience when making up the perfect new word for a (generally obscure) situation.
I totally had a neoligasm the other day when I coined the term neoligasm. I nearly got neolijism on myself.
by Evil Architect June 06, 2011

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