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Sebastians think that they are awesome, whether they are or not. Some Sebastians are just obnoxious, while others have actual potential. Though Sebastians are generally good-looking, the mean ones will be horrible and crotchety in their old age, and as the years go by their penises will get smaller and smaller until approximately the size of a pea. This all depends on the niceness of your Sebastian. If he isn't a douche-bag, his penis may get even larger over time. Pick your Sebastian wisely!
Whao, that Sebastian is hot, but his penis is smaller than a thumbtack!

That guy is so nice...what a Sebastian.
by Everysinglecolor September 11, 2011
A male that you have sex with, but have no other interest in. The only reason for fooling around with this individual is because he is just that--a willing pole.

Alternative female term: willinghole
Girl1: I can't believe you are doing it with him..
Girl2: He has a truck!! ..And he was the first willingpole I could find..
by Everysinglecolor April 19, 2016
A female that you engage in sexual relations with-- not because you are attracted to or interested in them, but simply because they are a willing hole.

Alternate male term; willingpole.
Guy1: Dude, wh are you even sleeping with her?

Guy2: I got desperate, man, and she was the first willinghole I could find.
by Everysinglecolor April 19, 2016
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