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When a girlss cherry pops with such intency that it explodes all over the the males penis. The blood goes in every direction.
"DUDDEDE! I poped this girls cherry last night and it went everywhere!"

"YOOO that sounds like a VAGINAL EXPLOSION!"
by Evan and Sam February 27, 2008
To jizz like a mad man. When a male ejaculates so well that it reaches the ceiling and does not stop.
"hey did you hear? I was jacking and i hit the ceiling! if we did not have a roof it would have fuckin hit a plane or something!"

"Duddde or like a galaxy. You must be a galactic spermer!!"
by Evan and Sam February 27, 2008
A person who has reached maximum coolness. He/She is able to grant "diva-ness" to others.Boy versions are known as divOs, and girls are divAs. Diva-Stars usually have cat's named princess Abigale Divakinz, etc.
"A yoo i wish was a Diva-Star like Alison!"

"Yo me too! lets go get the Alison diva to grant us diva powers!"

"GOOD IDEA! lets go find her shes so hot"
by Evan and Sam February 28, 2008
One who chokes on a males penis when sucking it. It is a negative term for anyone who give a "bad" blow job. A throat clobber'er tends to cough on the penis after choking.
"Dude, I was getting this bj from a hot chick...she freakin choked on my penis! It was nasty!"

"Sounds to me like you got it on with a Throat Clobber'er. "
by Evan and Sam February 28, 2008
A man with huge balls. whome is able to cum with great skill and tallent.
"Hey, evan's nuts are huge! he must be a cumquat!"

by Evan and Sam February 27, 2008
"Dance Da Bottle"

A very cool game drinking game inwich a group of friend dance around a bottle... if the bottle is knocked over the one who tiped it must drink the bottle. He/She then must put 2 more bottles on the dance floor.
"Duuuuudeee, i feel like dancing!"

"Nahhh duuudee, i wanna drink to night!"

"Alright lets play DDB
by Evan and Sam February 26, 2008
Dance Da Bottle -

A intense drinking game in which a group of friends dance around a bottle of beer. The person who hits the bottle over must drink it and replace it with the two more bottles, then 3, then 4, and so on.
"Yo, Sam do u feel like drinking tonight?"

"Yeah man. I kinda wanna Dance to."

"Alright lets go to jack's house and play DDB!"
by Evan and Sam February 26, 2008

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