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fear of having an erect penis
the guys that are complete horndogs should have medorthophobia.
by EvlBloodyMary November 05, 2003
someone who tries really hard to be a skater, stoner, goth, etc, but knows nothing about what they are trying to be.
poser/stoner- someone who tries to be astoner, but has never done any drugs,
poser/skater-one who has no idea how to sk8board or blade. If anyone has a problem with my def..IM on AIM EvlBloodyMary
by EvlBloodyMary March 24, 2003
Me,or Sterling.everyone gives me attention because of my abnormally large ass.
by EvLBloodyMary April 05, 2003
awesome, uber cool, The highest state of coolness. Only to be used by Punks or Stoners
Dude, that dealy bopper is so punkin'
by EvlBloodyMary March 24, 2003
1.)the singer Toya's way of sayin MOney
2.) a mark left on the neck or any other body part from excessive, but pleasureful kissing.
1. "..he had a hickey in his pocket, big fat rock in his ear..." I do, Toya
2. PJ almost left a hickey on my neck, but we got in trouble.
by EvlBloodyMary April 01, 2003
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