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Above and beyond are a Trance act composed of Jonathan Grant (jono,)Paavo siljamaki and Tony mcguiness and make some of the sweetest sounding trance tracks today, they also go under the alias' of Tranquility Base and Oceanlab.
Immerse yourself in a blanket of euphoric trance combined with laser kissed melodies and beautiful vocals. They are one of the most established trance acts today and remix other trance tracks and add that bit of Above and beyond magic to already masterpieces of electronic music
by Euphoric April 30, 2009
the most amazing online map ever seen in a game, extremely basic but brilliant, "headquarters on shipment" a match on cod 4 where over 100 kills can be racked up, a map where some people tend to get worked up screaming down the mic phrases like " I only just freakin spawned! ", Random 'nade thrwoing noob! " all he can do is spray with that p90! ". The match always goes full distance which means loads of time to enjoy it, a match where you can take out a whole squad with one airstike, where a helicopter can clock up 20 kills+, this is dream map for a p90 fan or other such guns. Throw grenades, keep your finger on the trigger and dont stop until someone clips ya, and when they do watch the double kill as your martyrdon takes out your killer and his mate, even more satisfying when theyve got names like 'xxIxUkSkIlLzxKiLl3rxIxx' or 'xNOObPWNErx etc each with matching clan tags normally own or Ikil
by Euphoric June 08, 2009
One of the most successful djs the world has ever seen, he states he is a creator of "electronic music" not pinning himself down to just one genre.

His Trance days were when he was at his best with releases like, Forbidden fruit and the mega hit 'For an Angel', which is still seen as one of the best trance songs ever, for me, it is simply the ultimate trance anthem.
He seems to have drifted away slightly from trance, and more into the dance industry, this is a shame for trance fans.
He seems to of been overtaken by many other Djs nowadays, but the man is still a living legend, and i wouldnt be surprised if he were to do something special that will catapult him back into the trance industry and blow the other Djs away.
We shouldnt lose faith in Paul Van dyk, he will return.
by Euphoric October 11, 2009
The most obnoxious driver ever to of raced in formula 1, Lewis Hamilton, Mr perfect in some peoples eyes, these people simply blinded by the fact that he is english, therefore they must support him, many of his fans never even watched F1 before he came into the sport, these are the same people that think he is the best driver the sport has ever seen.

2009 is Lewis hamiltons 3rd season in the sport and already is disliked by the majority of the paddock. He cant seem to understand why, despite him being obnoxious, cocky and a dangerous driver. I have never seen one driver make so many stupid errors in such a short period of time ranging from missing the pit lane entrance driving into the gravel and getting stuck to not seeing a red light at the end of a pit-lane and the cars waiting behind it consequenlty driving into the back the waiting Kimi Raikonnen to crashing his car heavily on the last lap of the Monza grand prix running in a strong position with clear gaps to the cars in front and the cars behind losing valuable points.
He has also pushed numerous cars on the grass and into the gravel and also seems to like cutting corners and cant see the problem with it, after all hes Mr.Perfect.

I am not a Lewis Hamilton Fan.
by Euphoric October 10, 2009

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