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the most amazing online map ever seen in a game, extremely basic but brilliant, "headquarters on shipment" a match on cod 4 where over 100 kills can be racked up, a map where some people tend to get worked up screaming down the mic phrases like " I only just freakin spawned! ", Random 'nade thrwoing noob! " all he can do is spray with that p90! ". The match always goes full distance which means loads of time to enjoy it, a match where you can take out a whole squad with one airstike, where a helicopter can clock up 20 kills+, this is dream map for a p90 fan or other such guns. Throw grenades, keep your finger on the trigger and dont stop until someone clips ya, and when they do watch the double kill as your martyrdon takes out your killer and his mate, even more satisfying when theyve got names like 'xxIxUkSkIlLzxKiLl3rxIxx' or 'xNOObPWNErx etc each with matching clan tags normally own or Ikil
cod 4 p90 Cod 4 Shipment
by Euphoric June 08, 2009
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