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To completely fuck-up in your profession. A butt fumble (n) or to butt fumble (v).
Example 1: Did you see Mark Sanchez, the Jets quarterback, run into the ass of his own lineman and lose the football? That butt fumble has been voted the worst of the worst sports mistakes for two months straight now.

Example 2:
Surgeon A: “I can’t believe I amputated the wrong leg of that patient."
Surgeon B: “Man, you totally butt fumbled that operation. You're probably going to get your license suspended."
by Euphemismo April 13, 2013
A Boehner (pronounced Baynohr) is a blunder, a stupid mistake.
Boy did I pull a Boehner when I called in to Slanthead and said members of Congress are a bunch of Chicken Shits. I meant to say, “Members of Congress are a bunch of Chicken Craps.”
by Euphemismo December 05, 2010
Chicken Crap is what you get when you’re not allowed to say Chicken Shit
2011 Incoming Speaker of the House, John Boehner, used the words "Chicken Crap" instead of "Chicken Shit" to reporters in Congress because he didn’t want to use unacceptable slang.

Congress is full of Bull Shit, and they are a bunch of Chicken Shits. Excuse me, I meant to say, "Congress is full of Bull Crap, and they are a bunch of Chicken Craps."
by Euphemismo December 05, 2010
What prominent government officials fall off of when they get caught cheating.
Senator A: Can you believe the head of the CIA got caught having an extramarital affair?

Senator B: Boy did he ever take a dive off the moral cliff. His career is over.
by euphemismo November 10, 2012
1. A bluff, as in the game of poker, about an upcoming crisis, such as the “fiscal cliff” that congress will let the country fall off of if it fails to take action on the budget.

2. A bluff on a mountain a portion of which is as vertical as a cliff.
Congressman A: “If you don’t agree to cut medicare spending by $300 Billion a year, we’re not going to raise taxes on the rich by one penny.”

Congresswoman B: “Your just making another cliff bluff. Our side will just let the tax cuts expire on everyone.”
by euphemismo November 27, 2012
A religious fanatic who believes the world is about to end in armageddon.
Q. What's with that guy dragging the cross around?
A. He's an armadildo who says the world is ending this weekend.
by euphemismo October 29, 2011
To knock around the nozzle of a gas pump while it's still in the tank to get the last bit of gas out so it doesn't leak on your car or your shoes when you take it out.
Mom to young son who is filling her car with gas: "Don't forget to 'spank the nozzle'."
by euphemismo August 18, 2013

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