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1) a contagious inabilty to shut the fuck up, which easily spreads among the listeners.
Much like the white noise of teenage fans at a pop concert or the adult fans at a sports concert, except this disease has no rhyme or reason and then it seemingly stops for no particular reason. Usually there is one of two stragglers who try to keep the conversation going but the other peers no longer care.
Oh, here he comes again. If he starts his verbal gonorrhea again, lets just leave. I don't want to participate in his social experiment!
by Ethereal Mercenary October 25, 2010
1) the attempt to say something new or exciting and then screwing it up, causing other people to laugh, sneer, clown, or insult the speaker.
God, I love it when Presidents, politicans, pop stars and other celebrities attempt verbal experiments. I gives all of us a new reason to mock them.
by Ethereal Mercenary October 25, 2010

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