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One who licks, sucks and eats an anus for sexual gratification of both parties.
Doug is an ass eater, he would rather eat ass than fuck!
by estaben reyes June 19, 2006
A pregnant Woman in the final and most obvious stages of gestation. Typically at 5 to 9 months.
I am excited about having our baby soon, I'm getting to be such a pod bod. or: My wifes pod bod is a real turn on!
by Estaben Reyes January 06, 2006
Those perfectly defined butt cheeks with the crease at the bottom. So the cheek pouches over the crease creating a "fold over bun". This creates a religeous effect when the woman is viewed from behind, while standing, from bun level.
She has the cutest little fold over buns.
by Estaben Reyes January 07, 2006
A Bongo player of some finest repute in the art of urban Conga beats from Central and South American Cities. A combination of African and Cuban beat. A fuzion of ethnic flavor combined with a driving urban dance beat
Pancho Sanchez is our finest Urbanga Congero.
by Estaben Reyes January 07, 2006
Member of a European "Moped Gang" that is involved in mob like activity. Such as: Drugs, protection, enforcement, extorsion &etc.
That guy with the gang jacketis a Mofabster. Or: This bar is controlled by the Mofabster's. Or: I borrowed the money from the Mofabsters.
by Estaben Reyes January 06, 2006
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