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The ugliest woman that you'd actually be willing to bang at a club or party. Generally, you try to find this woman as soon as you show up, but only talk to her on your way to and from the bar...that way, you still have an "in" but are free to work the others.
All the hot chicks were taken, so I had to settle for the anal sidepot.

Once the party progressed to a point where even my anal sidepot was taken, I knew it was time to go somewhere else before I ended up with some one-eyed heifer in my bed.
by Escotiz February 26, 2007
Checking in to a location with Foursquare, only to discover that you have friends already there.
In a perfect act of squarendipity, while checking in to the local bar, I found that Jenn and Adam were there as well.
by Escotiz June 21, 2011

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