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verb, pronounciation (to nine-eleven): to lie to somebody, partially telling the truth with the purpose of deceiving somebody.
When your girlfriend comes back from a holliday, and you suspect her of cheating on you, you say:

Listen up, you better tell me what happened and don't even try to 9/11 me!
#deceive #lie #withhold information #mislead #bullshit
by ErikZ October 14, 2006
Wishing your life resembles a soap-opera
Jenny is so dramalicious...she cheated on her boyfriend with his brother and she called her best friend a slut in front of everyone just to make her life more dramatic and juicier...why doesn't she just chill out and be happy?
#wanting your life to resemble a soap-opera #gravitating towards drama #in need of drama #in need of negative attention #thinking more drama equals a more interesting life
by ErikZ September 14, 2007
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