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A Tatooinian monk who believes that in order to achieve true enlightenment one must separate itself from the rest of the universe and its distractions. Serious B'omarr Monks would have their brains removed and placed in a special jar, to separate themselves from what they believed was an unclean body. The jar could be attached to a droid spider armature and the brain inside the jar can use the armature to walk around as though it were an organism.

The B'omarr Monks built their monastery on Tatooine long before they changed themselves to spiders. They now occupy the basement chambers while bounty hunters and Jabba the Hutt use the upper floors, which suits the monks just fine because they are just a bunch of walking brains in jars.

They don't believe in the Force.
While watching Star Wars: Return of the Jedi...
"Was that a B'omarr Monk that walked by behind C3PO and R2D2 just now?"
"What the hell is a 'B'omarr Monk'?"
by Erik Tilton February 21, 2006

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