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best used in casual conversation to convey feelings of annoyance and/or mild anger.
don't be such a stoofus.
by erica September 21, 2004
Someone who wont stop talking.
God she wont stop rabbiting on about her new boyfriend.
by erica June 09, 2005
(n) The Ghetto.

(adj) A person with a lower socio-economic mindset.
(n) Apartment complexes in the "Jungles" section of LA are in a urban residential area.

(adj) Why does he have spinners on an 87 accord? Thats' sooo urban residential.
by Erica September 28, 2004
vicious in a bitchy way
Man, that chipmunk at the lake was bitchous- it tried to eat my balls!
by Erica August 25, 2004
The lauguage my mother never spoke
You kids at toys r us whining: I want this I want that
Mom: You all need to talk normal I don't speak winease
by Erica January 28, 2004
1.a dirty word for a female's vagina.

2.also used at an insult
a. "Holy hell woman do you ever wash that cunt of your?"

b. "Bloody hell you fucking, cunt"
by erica March 23, 2005
Homeland of Rargphlam, located in the nethermost regions of the Knight Archipelago. Legend speaks of the Quail Reunion which will bring about the destruction of the syndicate. Only the power of the one true weasel can breach the defenses of the citadel and prevent the reunion.
And thus the people came to hear of the third dawn of Crotchtopia, and the people were scared.
by Erica January 26, 2005

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