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The place in Ct where the realest niggas reside. Bridgeport Ct
by Lg February 17, 2005
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nickname for Bridgeport, the largest city in Connecticut. Unlike the usual stereotype of Connecticut this city is poor, dirty, and extremly ghetto. if you live here and are in high school you probably attend central or harding and aren't very wealthy. you hate when people assume your rich because of the state in which you reside in. you also probably have a screen name such as BPT 4 lyfe. unless you have a brain you despise it there.
yo mofo i be lovin the ladies booties here in da port
by erica March 23, 2005
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Unimaginably filthy, scum-laden town of Newport in South Wales. Popular with drug addicts, Currently "under Yardie control".

Oh clart, we's gonna go ta Da 'Port tonght 'innit? You got any draw?

Now a shitty-city, not town, you clit.
by God2 October 12, 2003
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A metholated cig often smoked in the ghetto. Is slang for a newport.
someone asking for a newport cig.
Hey you got da port?
by shay_whitay March 14, 2004
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