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When a guy is short and has an attitude problem because he is bitter at society for looking down on short guys.
Damn, I just got rejected by the bouncer that I was a lot taller than at the bar, he must have had a bad case or little man syndrome.
by Erica April 23, 2004
a girl that wears flip flops to the skate park
that skate hoe needs to get away from the half pipe, her vaginal discharge smells are distracting the skaters
by erica August 25, 2003
a question, asked of a girl named Erica.
Wherica means: Where is Erica?
Brett: Erica is late.
Elias: Well why don't you call her.

(ring, ring)
Erica: Hello?
Brett: Wherica?
Erica: I'm almost there.
by Erica July 02, 2006
One True Pairing. Meaning the your favorite combination of characters in a fandom.
Harry and Hermione are /so/ OTP.
by erica January 29, 2004
nickname for Bridgeport, the largest city in Connecticut. Unlike the usual stereotype of Connecticut this city is poor, dirty, and extremly ghetto. if you live here and are in high school you probably attend central or harding and aren't very wealthy. you hate when people assume your rich because of the state in which you reside in. you also probably have a screen name such as BPT 4 lyfe. unless you have a brain you despise it there.
yo mofo i be lovin the ladies booties here in da port
by erica March 23, 2005
when you pop a zit, blackhead, whitehead or otherwise gross unwanted dirty substance that has inhabited a part on someone's body, and it finally all comes busting out, (like the sexual climax) leaving you feeling very satisfied. also, could be used as porgasmic
"when i finally got that huge zit on jackson's back out and safely on a kleenex, it was so refreshing. porgasmic."
by erica October 05, 2004
N. Something welfare, trashy, you'd expect it to be used by a hobo. Sub-par standard.
Man, King George is so Rubco.
by Erica September 08, 2004

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