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1. Battle ass is the resulting condition after eating college food (can also be any number of fast food restaurants, taco bell and krystal are the worst). Battle ass is similar to the shits, but not nearly as watery, it's more formed and usually goes away after one trip to the throne.
Damn b I ate those wraps in the chow hall for lunch and the ensueing battle ass is horid!
by Eric-GS3- May 15, 2005
It's what happens when you're moron friend's can't figure out that you abbreviated someone's name or a thing. Basically people scratching their heads over shit they should know
Me: "You gonna be at Kris' party?"
Yvette: "Kris?"
Me: "krisie!" *pause* "Jesus I have to spell everything out."
by Eric-GS3- August 13, 2005
1. The state of being such an asshole it's like the force of a hammer upon others
2. What one calls another that is a cheap camper in Halo or one that is cheap (see spawn kill)
3. One who is the giver of anal sex
1. Jesus he's such an ass hammer it's enervating
3. I was Cindy's ass hammer last night. *shrug*
by Eric-GS3- November 06, 2005
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