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a game; to kick each other in the balls over an object, last one standing wins.
Hey Pip, i'll roshambo you for that arrow head
by Eric Cartman July 06, 2003
A totally rad mexican resturant where you can cliff dive go into the awsome scary cave then eat refired beans.
"Dude sex with your mom was soo cool."
"NO, not as cool as Casa Bonita!"
by Eric Cartman March 23, 2005
Flatulence. A fart.
I knew to pinch my nose when I heard Dan's ass thunder.
by Eric Cartman June 13, 2004
It's a good thing Janet Reno isn't still the attorney general.She would just be all like,"Fuck it,I'm sick of this Mexican standoff.Burn the building down."
Fuckin jack-booted thugs.
by Eric Cartman March 25, 2005
Big Bertha Butt Love. Notice the 3 words starting with B. An extreme version of CBL with a chick around 400 lbs.
"I will never have 3BL." or "That chick in our Econ class is 3BL."
by Eric Cartman May 11, 2004
arab television
propaganda really fucks with your head
by Eric Cartman June 28, 2004
Chunky Butt Love. Hooking up with a fat chick.
"He was so drunk he gave into the CBL."
by Eric Cartman May 11, 2004

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