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A little area around the school premises where kids come to smoke cigarettes.
"I need a smoke, let's go to the smoke pit and bum one off someone".
"Aite, we're cool"
by unownedreal August 23, 2005

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(Location) designated area, usually military, where smoking is allowed. Almost always outside, sometimes in a shack. Used to be known as a Smoking Lamp
Let's go to the smoke pit!
by oorah-cheeto May 30, 2013
A secret, secluded safe haven back in the woods where friends meet up to smoke weed. Usually has smoke flowing from the doors, windows and chimney. Place where many people has been high or will get high.
I'm gonna get fucked up this weekend, so I think I'm gonna go hang out at the SMOKEPIT.
by Homey D September 19, 2010