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Basketball term where a big man like Shaq goes down low (near the basket, establishes a good position, pins his man with his body and asks for the ball.
Yao Ming is hard stop from scoring when he does his psot up moves near the goal
by Eric B June 08, 2004
Old skool fat gold chain
He is flossing with them phat cables
by Eric B June 07, 2004
SOme good ass marijuana that when send you on a great trip. Flight is short for Top Flight as in top flight smoke.
Yo, put down that swagI got some flight we can smoke.
by Eric B June 08, 2004
Slang for Rasta's or people who where their hair in the natural dredloc styles. A dred is a person. Dreds are the naturally curly locks that a dred may wear.
The dred down the street has some killa bud.
The pretty dred passed me by swinging her dreds and singing her song
by Eric B June 08, 2004
1.To Super floss with crazy mad diamonds and platinum jewelry.
2. To fake a person on the basketball court so bad he falls down or cannot move and defend.
1. Super MC jumped out the Lex piece with his wrists and neck on freeze.
2. Kobe Bryant shook left, blew right and left the man sticking him on freeze as he took it to the rack
by Eric B June 08, 2004
A dope MC's lyrical flow that lasts for hours; especially on the freestyle tip.
Mos Def and Camron are two cats who got that spicey spitsauce
by Eric B June 08, 2004
Internet term short for Business to Business where the internet traffic and transactions are between two commercial concerns.
Several automakers use web portals to connect b2b with their suppliers.
by Eric B June 08, 2004
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