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One who believes that the music they are listening and playing is what everyone around them wants to hear, when in fact they are just being ignorant pompous assholes who think their taste in music is better than others, so when you try to listen to what you want to hear, the music dictator will turn his/her music up louder than yours, because the music dictator thinks your taste or song selection sucks.
Jim- "Every time I go to Sarah's house, her big fat brother always plays music, even when I am trying to sleep with her, her brother for some weird ass reason plays Marvin Gaye, he is such a Music Dictator!"
by eraserkid November 21, 2009
1. What one says when in question from someone who offers to get a drink for them, to imply that the one in question does not care what drink the one who is offering gets, as long as the drink contains Caffeine.
Joe- "Hey Liz, I am going to go into 7-11 to get a drink, want anything?"

Liz- "I'm tired and need to finish these exams, Caff me up"

Joe- "Hey, I got you some Sprite"

Liz- "You Dick"
by Eraserkid November 15, 2009
1. The act of sending an email to a random, attractive person who seems intelligent, unique and has a good taste in humor and music etc. in the act of possibly becoming friends, going on a date, or getting laid only to have the email read and never replied back.
Friend- "Hey Tim, you looked depressed, what is wrong?"

Tim- "I just got e-jected by that one hot chick whos into The Velvet Underground and The Shins"

Friend- "damn dude, let me buy you a beer"
by EraserKid November 15, 2009

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